Coloring Moods

Did you know feelings and moods have colors? Here is a reference table that maps from feelings to their color.
(don't believe me? checkout the 'Psychology of color' links below. )

The third column has awesome color palettes selected from

Next time, when you are designing a web site or logo, look for the feeling/mood that you want to reflect in the design. Search for the feeling and choose its colors


rich elegant refined tasty expensive mature sumptuous cultivated robust

Deep Red

hex: #a6093d
RGB:166, 9, 61
earthy warm strong sturdy established country

Brick Red

hex: #76232f
RGB:118, 35, 47
exciting energizing sexy passionate hot dynamic stimulating provocative dramatic powerful courageous magnetic assertive impulsive adventurous demanding stirring spontaneous motivating

Bright Red

hex: #c8102e
RGB:200, 16, 46
exciting theatrical playful hot attention-getting high-energy sensual wild tropical festive vibrant stimulating flirtatious

Bright Pink

hex: #e0457b
RGB:224, 69, 123 (1)
soft subtle cozy dusky gentle composed nostalgic

Dusty Pink

hex: #d7a3ab
RGB:215, 163, 171 (1)
romantic affectionate compassionate soft sweet tasting sweet smelling tender delicate. innocent fragile youthful

Light Pink

hex: #f5b6cd
RGB:245, 182, 205 (1)
nurturing soft fuzzy tactile delicious fruity sweet tasting sweet smelling inviting warm physical comfort intimate modest embracing


hex: #ffbe9f
RGB:255, 190, 159
life force energizing flexibility desire


hex: #ff8674
RGB:255, 134, 116
vital juicy fruitful energizing tangy


hex: #f68d2e
RGB:246, 141, 46
fun whimsical childlike happy glowing sunset hot energizing active gregarious friendly good-.natured expansive spontaneous optimistic communicative jovial sociable self-assured persuasive animated

Vibrant Orange

hex: #FD6B0D
spicy flavorful tangy pungent exotic


hex: #be3a34
RGB:190, 58, 52
earthy warm country wholesome welcoming abundance

Terra Cotta

hex: #b46a55
RGB:180, 106, 85
rugged outdoor rustic woodsy


hex: #b58150
RGB:181, 129, 80
delicious rich robust appetizing

Chocolate/Coffee Brown

hex: #623b2a
RGB:98, 59, 42
earthy grounded steady solid rooted wholesome sheltering warm durable secure reliable natural traditional supportive

Earth Brown

hex: #584446
RGB:88, 68, 70
bling rich glowing divine intuitive luxurious opulent expensive radiant valuable prestigious

Gold (metallic)

hex: #84754e
RGB:132, 117, 78
jewelry multi-cultural mellow abundant original autumn


hex: #d57800
RGB:213, 120, 0
nourishing buttery tasty sun-baked wheat hospitable comfort comfort food

Golden Yellow

hex: #f2a900
RGB:242, 169, 0
illuminating joyful hot lively friendly luminous enlightening energetic sunshine stimulating innovative radiating awareness surprise caution

Bright Yellow

hex: #ffcd00
RGB:255, 205, 0 (1)!
cheering happy soft sunny warming sweet easy pleasing babies

Light Yellow

hex: #f3dd6d
RGB:243, 221, 109 (1)
artsy bold trendy startling sharp pungent


hex: #d2d755
RGB:210, 215, 85
calm quiet soothing neutral lightweight

Light Green

hex: #addc91
RGB:173, 220, 145
military camouflage safari classic

Olive Green

hex: #8a8d4a
RGB:138, 141, 74
fresh citrusy youthful acidic tart refreshing


hex: #7a9a01
RGB:122, 154, 1 (1)
nature trustworthy refreshing cool restful stately forest hushed woodsy traditional reliable money prosperity

Dark Green

hex: #154734
RGB:21, 71, 52
natural fertile healthy balance life growth soothing harmony restful restoration reassurance environmental awareness new beginnings

Foliage Greens

hex: #046a38
RGB:4, 106, 56
fresh grass irish lively spring renewal lush

Bright Green

hex: #009a44
RGB:0, 154, 68
luxurious jewel-like up-scale


hex: #009775
RGB:0, 151, 117
water refreshing cleansing young babies cool dreamy soft lightweight


hex: #a1d6ca
RGB:161, 214, 202
infinity compassionate protective faithful water coolness sky gemstone tropical oceans


hex: #49c5b1
RGB:73, 197, 177 (1) (1)
serene cool tasteful sophisticated confident


hex: #00677f
RGB:0, 103, 127
calming cool heavenly constant faithful true dependable restful contentment tranquil reassuring trusting serene expansive open infinity transcendent distance

Sky Blue

hex: #71b2c9
RGB:113, 178, 201
calm quiet patient peaceful cool water clean

Light Blue

hex: #92c1e9
RGB:146, 193, 233 (1)
genial lively sprightly convivial cordial


hex: #8094dd
RGB:128, 148, 221
electric energy brisk vibrant flags stirring impressive aquatic high spirits exhilarating

Bright Blue

hex: #0072ce
RGB:0, 114, 206 (1)
credible authoritative basic conservative classic strong reliable traditional uniforms service nautical loyal confident professional thought-provoking introspective aids concentration clarify thoughts

Deep Blue

hex: #001a72
RGB:0, 26, 114[r]
romantic nostalgic fanciful lightweight lightly scented


hex: #c1a7e2
RGB:193, 167, 226
wistful sentimental toughtful


hex: #9b7793
RGB:155, 119, 147
curative protective peace of mind


hex: #b884cb
RGB:184, 132, 203
contemplative meditative spiritual soul-searching intuitive mysterious enchanting

Blue Purples

hex: #5f259f
RGB:95, 37, 159!_Is!_UP!
sensual thrilling intensely exciting dramatic creative witty expressive

Red Purple

hex: #87189d
RGB:135, 24, 157
visionary rich royal prestigious subduing distant introspective

Deep Purple

hex: #3c1053
RGB:60, 16, 83
classic sober corporate practical timeless qualify quiet neutrality logical unobtrusive deliberate reserved fundamental basic modest efficient dutiful methodical

Neutral Gray

hex: #898d8d
RGB:137, 141, 141
steadfast responsible staunch accountable conscientious resolute restrained conservative professional classic sophisticated solid enduring mature business-like

Charcoal Gray

hex: #54585a
RGB:84, 88, 90
classic neutral practical timeless quality basic authentic organic versatile inconspicuous understated discreet compromising modest


hex: #a69f88
RGB:166, 159, 136
classic neutral soft warm comforting good taste creamy smooth subtle natural bridal


hex: #f5e1a4
RGB:245, 225, 164
sleek classy stylish modern cool

Silver (metallic)

hex: #8a8d8f
RGB:138, 141, 143
powerful empowering elegant sophisticated mysterious heavy bold basic classic strong expensive invulnerable magical nighttime sober prestigious stylish modern


hex: #111111
RGB:17,17,17 (1)
pure clean pristine virginal spotless innocent silent lightweight airy bright bridal ethereal clarity simplicity arctic efficient


hex: #F1F2F1